Togheter with this website I create a collection of books, one for each of the 187 countries that are profiled in the UN report. For the first phase of the project I made four sample books; Chile, India, Senegal and United States.

Below you can see a video that shows an overview of the book.

You can read the books corresponding to Chile or to the United States in the following pdf's files.

In the first part you can find an introduction to the concept of Human Development. This section consists primarily of quotes extracted from UN sources and from the writings of key stakeholders.

The second part of the book presents my graphic representation of fifteen selected indicators across the 187 countries that are part of the UN report. The graphic allows you to compare the performances of different countries based on each of these indicators.

The third part of the book presents a visualization of the indicators for Senegal divided into six aspects: Education, Health, Environment, Economic Development, Life Satisfaction and Gender. The visualization is then compared with the visualizations of two of Senegal neighbors, Mauritania and Mali, as well as with the first and last countries in the HDI rankings, Norway and the Democratic Republic of Congo, respectively.

Finally, in the fourth and last part of the book you will find a section designed to help you visualize your personal perceptions of well-being. This starts with a set of questions to be answered that relate to the six aspects of well-being described in the third part of the book. After you answer the questions, you are invited to mark the appropriate triangular sections of your personal copy of the same visualization graph thatís been used to visualize the well-being of each country presented in the book. This graph then becomes your personal visualization. It will allow you to see how the graph you marked, based on your answers to the set of questions you were given, represents your personal experience of well-being and perceptions of your environment.